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Shooting – Seasons & Pricing 2020/2021

Remaining Availability 

Wykeham Shoot (Partridge & Pheasant)

All of our full team days are now let for the 2020/21 season but feel free to contact us about cancellations or late season availability.

Single Guns with The Wykeham Syndicate are available as below.

Note: If you have specific requirements please feel free to contact us. We may be able to help.

DateTypeEstimated Bag
Wykeham Syndicate (Single Guns)
Wednesday 23 September – fully bookedPartridge200
Monday 2 November –  fully bookedTraditional200
Tuesday 17 November – 2 x Guns – fully bookedClassic200
Friday 18 December – 5 x Guns – fully bookedHigh Bird250

Fully booked for the 2020/2021 but please contact us for cancellations.

Prices are inclusive of VAT and hospitality. There is no charge for overage.

Danby Moors (grouse)

Pricing and Bag Estimates (2020)

Danby Moor shoot


DateBracePrice (Incl.)
August & September125£23,250 per day (£2,906.25 per gun, 8 guns)
October100£18,000 per day (£2,250 per gun, 8 guns)
November80£14,080 per day (£1,760 per gun, 8 guns)

Wykeham shoot 


DateBirdsPrice (Incl.)
September & October200£7,800 per day (£975 per gun, 8 guns)

Mixed (pheasant and partridge):

DateBirdsPrice (Incl.)
November & December200 Classic£9,000 per day (£1,125 per gun, 8 guns)


TypeBirdsPrice (Incl.)
Traditional200£8,200 per day (£1,025 per gun, 8 guns)
High Bird250£12,000 per day (£1,500 per gun, 8 guns)

The bags shown above are indicative of the pricing of the day, but there is flexibility in the bag estimates, subject to an adjustment in the price.  Prices include VAT and hospitality (morning coffee, mid-morning drinks and lunch).  There are no charges for overage.

Danby Moors (Grouse) and Wykeham Shoot (Partridge and Pheasant)

Single gun days are available throughout the season, but are arranged through two separate co-ordinators.

Otherwise there is a good selection of days for full teams of 8 or 9 Guns.

All prices are fixed for the day and are inclusive of VAT and hospitality (mid-morning drink/snack and lunch). There is no charge for overage.