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The management of the Estates’ enterprises is based at the Estate Office, Wykeham which is the former LNER Railway Station of the Scarborough, Pickering, Helmsley, Easingwold, York line (this was closed to passenger traffic in June 1950).

The Estates’ enterprises, many of which were established in the mid 1970’s, employ over 40 full time personnel.

David Steel

Chief Executive

Management, Staffing, Shooting, Land Agency
01723 866600

James Stephenson

Head of Property & Sporting

Property Management & Land Agency, Forestry, Environmental Services, Insurance, Health & Safety, Danby & Wykeham Shoots
01723 866600

Sheryl Buttner

PA/Secretary to David Steel & James Stephenson

Administration, Accounts, Wykeham & Danby Shoots
01723 866601

Katrina Shamel

Lettings Manager

Residential & Commercial Lettings & Wykeham Village Market
01723 866600

Rebecca Hall

Financial Controller

Accounts, Financial Reporting
01723 866600

Andrew Backhouse

General Manager

St Helens in the Park
01723 862771

Adam Smith

General Manager

Wykeham Mature Plants
01723 862406

Dave Todd

Building Services Manager

Building Maintenance, Repairs, Project Management
01723 866600

Gareth Davies

General Manager

North Yorkshire Water Park
01723 865052

James Whitehead

Operations Manager

North Yorkshire Water Park
01723 865052

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The Estate Office

The Estate Office
North Yorkshire
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Tel: +44 (0)1723 866600
Fax: +44 (0)1723 866600

Companies Names and Registration Numbers

Dawnay Estates Ltd
Reg.No: 4521165

Wykeham Farms Ltd
Reg.No: 534698

St Helens In The Park
Reg.No: 1205509