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Wkyeham Abbey Drone Shot

About The Dawnay Estates

The Dawnay Estates is a group of thriving rural businesses and properties in some of North Yorkshire’s most beautiful countryside. The two Estates are about 35 miles apart.

Turnover of both Estates is in excess of £7 million, supporting more than 60 permanent employees and up to 80 seasonal staff.

The Estates are managed with a long-term view, where our responsibility to maintain the environment and wildlife goes hand in hand with a commercial and innovative approach to business.

North Yorkshire Water Park

The Wykeham Estate

Covering around 7,000 acres, this Estate lies at the eastern end of the Vale of Pickering, west of Scarborough, and encompasses:

Ruston Village

The Danby Estate

Extending to 14,500 acres the Danby Estate, 12 miles west of Whitby, has been owned by the Downe family since 1656. It includes:


How to get in touch

The Estate Office is the main hub of administration. It is located in Wykeham in the former LNER railway station. Email addresses, directions and more are listed in Contact.


For more photos, check out @dawnayestates on Instagram and our Wildlife gallery.