Forestry, Biomass & Energy Crops

Forestry, Biomass & Energy Crops

Both the Estates at Wykeham and Danby have significant areas of woodland with approximately 337 acres being commercial coniferous woodland on the ‘high ground’ at Wykeham with a further 553 acres of broadleaf and conifer amenity woodland at Wykeham and Danby.

The commercial forestry is ideally suited to growing Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis), with the Douglas Fir being selected for use as the climbing poles at the Great Yorkshire Show ground on the account of its straightness and good dimensions!

The amenity woodland is a mixture of managed oak and other broadleaf trees and relatively unmanaged native birch woodland, great for wildlife and woodland plants.

The aim of the forestry policy on the Dawnay Estates is to manage the woodlands to produce useful timber, and perhaps more importantly to maintain the woodland as a primary landscape feature. As such the woodlands are managed in a sustainable way in full consultation with the Forestry Commission.

Hardwood and softwood timber is sometimes available for sale by tender.

Please contact the Estate if you are interested in being added to a potential tenderers list.