Hospitality you would expect from one of the best private shooting Estates in North Yorkshire.

Hospitality at both Danby and Wykeham complements the shooting and contributes towards the friendly social occasion of the day.

Guns are welcomed with coffee or tea in the ‘Tack Room’ at the commencement of the day and later mid-morning drinks and snacks out in the field. Lunch takes place in the moorland lunch huts or in the ‘Lunch Room’ at Danby or in the ‘Old Kitchen’ at Wykeham Abbey. All the locations have a unique character of their own, whether it be superb moorland views from a simple stone “hut” or the warmth and tradition of a former kitchen with its original ranges and dressers.

Catering is of a high standard and lunches are normally based on canapés, a main course and a pudding followed by a cheese board. There is also a range of good quality wines and other drinks.

On the majority of the shooting days a mid-morning drink (champagne, sloegin or a mixture of the two), and snack is available, usually out in the field or the moor. At Wykeham there are several stone or timber “pavilions” for a slightly more convivial, dry and sheltered mid-morning gathering.

The hospitality is friendly and relaxed with the objective of ensuring that there is enthusiastic conversation combined with good food at which the standard of shooting – good or bad – can be discussed!