Statutory Designations

There are a number of Statutory Designations assigned to land and structures on the Dawnay Estates. These range from SAMs (Scheduled Ancient Monuments), SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) and Listed Buildings.

The number of SAM’s on the Estate are many and range from 18th Century Rabbit Warrens to the walls of the Cistercian Abbey Wall at Wykeham Abbey plus over 100 Iron and Bronze age burial mounds still visible, with many others having disappeared over the years because of previous ignorance and farming and forestry operations.

Danby Castle is one of the finest and largest pieces of SAM on the Estate and can be visited by appointment with the tenant,

The Estate has two SSSI’s within its boundaries, though these make up nearly half of the Estates land area. The Danby Moors is an important breeding ground for ground nesting birds as well as having a unique native fauna unique to the UK. The Estate also manages in conjunction with its tenant, Ruston Cottage Cow Pasture, 43 acres of traditional pasture land, grazed on an extensive basis in order to preserve the native flora.

There are over 50 Listed Buildings and structures that the Estate cares for and maintains, the majority are Grade 2 listed but some are 2* and Danby castle is Grade 1 listed. This gives the Estate Maintenance team some unique problems in the repair of these buildings, many of the techniques used, not having changed since the buildings were constructed!