HMS Revenge and the Battle of Trafalgar


HMS Revenge and the Battle of Trafalgar

To commemorate the planting of Revenge Wood one of the celebratory Woods to mark the 200th Anniversary since the Battle of Trafalgar (see Forestry Section), the Estate has commissioned a book written by Robert Salisbury documenting the history of the nine Royal Naval Ships which have borne the name Revenge.

A brief synopsis follows:

Some ships’ names resonate down the ages, but there are few with as distinguished a history as HMS Revenge. Robert Salisbury takes the reader through some of the great naval battles of Britain’s past. The early stories encompass the Revenge fighting as Sir Francis Drake’s flagship against the Armada and under Sir Richard Grenville in the Azores. Sir Richard’s single handed battle against the entire Spanish fleet is considered by many to be the naval Rorke’s Drift.

The main part of the narrative concentrates on the fifth Revenge, which fought so heroically at the battle of Trafalgar. Here Mr Salisbury has unearthed many fascinating facts from the number of gallons of beer that the Revenge took to sea (3,000) to the cosmopolitan make up of her crew.

The Battle of Trafalgar itself is described in detail, relying on many first hand accounts to give the reader the feel of what it would have been like to be at the centre of that great battle.

The narrative goes on to detail the later Revenge ships, be they defending the country against the Kaiser at Jutland, Hitler in 1940 or the Kremlin during the Cold War.

Although meticulously researched Robert Salisbury writes with an irreverent wit and verve that truly brings the history of this fine battleship to life.